Monday, February 13, 2023

The Upper Moon's Demise - Fantasy Short Story

 The air was thick with the stench of death as Kaida, a skilled demon hunter, embarked on her upper moon-cursed journey. She was determined to avenge her family's murder, but she couldn't do it alone.


As Kaida traveled through the dark forest, she encountered a young man named Taro, who had lost his way. He was kind and brave, and despite her initial reluctance, Kaida allowed him to accompany her on her dangerous quest.

Together, they faced countless obstacles and fierce demons. Kaida's stoic demeanor slowly thawed as she came to rely on Taro's unwavering support. Through their travels, they discovered a shared love of poetry and music, and Kaida began to see a future beyond revenge.

However, their journey was far from over, and their biggest challenge awaited them: the upper moon. The demon was a towering behemoth, with eyes that glowed like molten gold. Kaida and Taro battled bravely, but it seemed as though all was lost.

It was then that Kaida realized that their true strength lay in their bond. With a final burst of energy, they defeated the upper moon, but not without Taro sacrificing his life.

Kaida was heartbroken, but her journey had taught her the value of human connection. She returned home with a newfound purpose, determined to honor Taro's memory and make the world a better place.

As she stood before her family's graves, Kaida played a mournful tune on her flute. It was a fitting tribute to the man who had shown her the power of love and companionship.

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