Sunday, March 12, 2023

A Teenage Love Triangle Spoof - Short Story

Becca had always been fascinated with vampires. She devoured every book, movie, and TV show that featured the undead creatures of the night. So, when two mysterious new boys arrived at her school, she couldn't help but be intrigued.


One of them, Edward, was brooding and intense, with piercing green eyes and a chiseled jawline. The other, Jacob, was muscular and carefree, with warm brown eyes and a megawatt smile. Becca found herself torn between them, unable to decide which one she was more drawn to.

Meanwhile, Becca's friends were going through their own dramas. Jessica was struggling with an eating disorder, while Tyler was dealing with his parent's divorce. Even their school was facing a crisis, with the administration threatening to cancel prom due to budget cuts.

But as the big night approached, Becca's love triangle took center stage. Edward and Jacob both asked her to prom, and she found herself saying yes to both of them. The boys were less than thrilled about the arrangement, but Becca was determined to make it work.

At prom, the tension between the three of them was palpable. Becca tried to dance with both Edward and Jacob, but they kept getting in each other's way. Finally, the boys decided to settle things once and for all with a game of vampire baseball.

The game was intense, with Edward and Jacob showing off their superhuman speed and strength. But as they played, Becca began to realize how silly the whole thing was. Vampires weren't real, after all. They were just a fantasy, a way for her to escape from her real-life problems.

With that realization, Becca made her choice. She told both Edward and Jacob that she wasn't interested in either of them and that she just wanted to be friends. The boys were disappointed, but they respected her decision.

As the night wore on, Becca and her friends let loose on the dance floor, forgetting about their troubles for a little while. They knew that life was messy and complicated, but they were determined to face it together.

In the end, the school administration relented and allowed prom to continue. It wasn't a perfect night, but it was a memorable one. And as Becca walked home, she couldn't help but feel grateful for the friends who had been there for her every step of the way.

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