Saturday, April 1, 2023

The Chosen One and the Dragons' Curse - Short Story

Dragons have long been a source of wonder and terror for the people of Alveria. Everyone could recall a time when dragons ruled the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth. Each dragon ferociously guarded its element, and anyone who ventured to cross them would suffer immediate and fatal repercussions.


A little child named Aiden lived in this realm of strength and danger. His parents had perished in a dragon-caused fire, leaving him an orphan. Aiden has always yearned for a reason for living and experienced a profound sense of sadness and emptiness. He had no idea that fate had more in store for him.

Aiden came into a bunch of rebels one day while exploring the forests that surrounded his small settlement. They were a motley group of men and women who had lost loved ones as a result of the dragons' oppression. They mentioned a prophecy that spoke of a chosen person who will end the dragons' curse.

At first, Aiden wasn't convinced, but he soon understood that he had a special talent. No one else had ever exhibited his ability to converse with the dragons. The rebels set out to assist Aiden in discovering his actual mission because they believed he was the prophesied chosen one.

The first phase was gathering the four elemental artefacts, which were potent tools capable of reawakening the sleeping dragon spirits. The rebels thought that by arousing the dragons, they may persuade them to employ their abilities for good as opposed to evil.

The trip was hazardous and lengthy. While dodging dragon patrols and watching for rebel activity, they had to traverse deserts and climb mountains. At first, Aiden was afraid, but he soon discovered solace in the company of his new pals.

They eventually arrived at the Fire Ruby, the first artefact. The strongest dragon of them all, Pyroxis, the Fire Dragon, was claimed to defend it from its rumoured location in the centre of a volcano. To obtain the relic, Aiden was aware that he needed to speak with Pyroxis, but he was terrified of being burned to death.

Aiden gathered his courage and approached Pyroxis with the aid of the rebels. They were shocked when the dragon didn't strike. Instead, Pyroxis heard Aiden's pleading for the Fire Ruby, and following some haggling, the dragon consented to give it to them.

The gang went out to locate the other items, buoyed by their success. During the voyage, they encountered various difficulties, including fighting water dragons in a swift river and outwitting air dragons in a whirlwind. Yet, because of Aiden's ability to converse with the dragons and the rebels' inventiveness, they were able to overcome every challenge and obtain all four artefacts.

The dragon spirits needed to be awakened as the last assignment. The gang made their way to the centre of the area when they came across a massive stone altar. They carried out a rite that had been passed down through the centuries using the objects. The earth began to tremble, and four enormous dragons emerged.

Awestruck and terrified, Aiden approached them. Aiden realised he had to explain his goal to the dragons as they regarded him with penetrating gazes. He talked about the prophecy and their goal to end the dragons' curse with the aid of the rebels.

The dragons surprised them by listening. They were moved by Aiden's remarks and thought back to a time when they had used their gifts for good. They consented to assist him in breaking the curse with a powerful roar.

The dragons' abilities were no longer a cause of devastation because the curse had been lifted. They collaborated with the insurgents.

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