Saturday, July 22, 2023

Fish with human teeth found in US pond

Oklahoma: An 11-year-old American boy panicked and called out to his mother because he saw a fish in his pond with teeth that closely resembled human teeth.


The child told the mother that this fish had come to our pond from the neighborhood because this fish was not present in their pond. The fish that 11-year-old Charlie caught had human teeth in its mouth.

It was later discovered to be a piranha, a member of the monstrous toothed piranha family. This fish is found in South America and is also found in ponds in Oklahoma.
A child named Charlie took photos and videos of the fish and posted it on social media and instead of killing it, it was released back into the water. But later experts said that these fish multiply like intruders and it was better to destroy them.

According to wildlife experts, it was kept in a glass house as a pet fish but has since been released into the environment or may have been quietly dumped into Charlie's pond. Police are looking for the man.

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