Sunday, August 20, 2023

Mystery of Dylan Ehler: Missing Boy's Disappearance

Dylan Ehler was only 3 years old when he went missing from Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada on 6th May 2020.


It is unknown the amount of time it took Dorothy to tie the dog's lead. Dorothy believes Dylan had been abducted.

Dylan was at his grandmother's house whilst his mother met a friend for coffee. Dylan's grandmother, Dorothy Parsons, says she was in the backyard with Dylan and her pet dog. She said she "went to tie the dog on her lead" and turned around to find Dylan "Just gone."

Authorities believe Dylan may have fallen into Lepper Brook, was swept away, and drowned. Firefighters found Dylan's rubber boots in the water. The water, at this time of year, was high and moving quickly.

Dylan's family disagrees that he fell into the river. They claim that Dylan's boots turned up 6-7 hours after he disappeared, but the area by the brook had been searched beforehand and nothing was there.

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Dylan's family believes Dylan's kidnappers could have thrown his boots off the small railway bridge.

Police do not believe foul play is involved. Dylan's family believes the police concentrated too much on the theory that Dylan fell in the river, and not on other possibilities.

Age at time of disappearance: 3 Age now: 6
Years missing: 3
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green and Blue
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Facebook: Jason Ehler (Dylan's father) Truro Police: 902-895-5351

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